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Water Tech Pool Blaster Grit Gitter
Water Tech Pool Blaster Grit Gitter
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The Pool Blaster Grit Gitter is the underwater vacuum powered by you!

The Grit Gitter is the perfect solution for quick spot cleaning in any pool or spa! Simply grab the Grit Gitter, place it over the debris, squeeze, and you are done! It is that easy! More than a toy, the Grit Gitter is the product of engineering ingenuity, converting the strength of your hand into a powerful underwater cleaning system!

Great for vacuuming grit and debris from tight corners, the Grit Gitter floats on the surface of the water until you need it. ThereĂs nothing to get out, nothing to hook up, or anything to plug in, you just grab it and go! ItĂs so much fun you will have to wait your turn to use it!

The Grit Gitter is available in two different sizes, the standard Grit Gitter, which measures nine inches long, and the Grit Gitter Stretch, which measures thirty inches long. For a quick, fun cleaning experience, make your choice the Grit Gitter!

This item is the standard version.

Product Details

˛Super Affordable! 
˛Pool, spa & hot tub vacuum 
˛PVC pipe not included with Grit Gitter only Grit Gitter Stretch
˛The Grit Gitter is 9 in long
˛The Grit Gitter Stretch is 2ft 3in long

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