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Total Alkalinity Plus 10lb
Total Alkalinity Plus 10lb
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 Pool Solutions Total Alkalinity + raises the total alkalinity in swimming pool water. Proper total alkalinity is a critical component of water balance. Low total alkalinity can cause pH levels to fluctuate excessively. High total alkalinity can cause pH to resist adjustment, cloudy water and scale development. For best results, maintain 60 to 100 ppm total alkalinity.

1-1/2 lb. of product per 10,000 gallons of water will raise total alkalinity 10 ppm

Product Use:
Raises total alkalinity and helps keep pH stable.

1. Spread this product over the deepest part of the pool water.
2. Keep the circulation pump running.
3. Retest the total alkalinity level after 4 hours
4. Repeat treatment as necessary until alkalinity is in the acceptable range of 60 to 100 ppm

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

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