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SeaKlear Yellow Klear 6oz
SeaKlear Yellow Klear 6oz
Part #: 1020007

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Product Specs
  • Effective against yellow and green algae
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Made in the United States

Product Dosage

To remove visible algae accumulations:

  • Brush areas affected with algae accumulations.
  • Add 4 oz. (1 capful) of SeaKlear Yellow Klear per 10,000 gal. of pool water, close to the affected areas. For severe accumulations, add 8 oz. per 10,000 gal.
  • To activate, add one of the following for each 10,000 gal. of water: 1 lb. dry chlorinating compound (calcium hypochlorite dichloroisocyanurate), 2 lbs. lithium hypochlorite (35 percent), 1 gal. sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorinating compound) 10?12 percent, 2 gal. sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorinating compound) 5.25 percent, or 1 lb. potassium.