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SeaKlear Spa pH Reducer 2.5lb
SeaKlear Spa pH Reducer 2.5lb
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Product Specs

SeaKlear? Spa pH Reducer? is a fast-acting formula to lower the pH and total alkalinity for proper water balance. Available in a liquid and new dry formula! Made in the United States

Product Dosage

  • Turn on air blower or filter system.
  • Add 1 oz. SeaKlear Spa pH Reducer liquid formula or 1 oz. dry formula premixed in a bucket. With liquid formula, add 1 oz of SeaKlear Spa pH Increaser directly to spa. With dry formula, dissolve 1 oz. in a plastic bucket of water and then add to spa.
  • Retest water after 30 minutes.
  • Repeat above steps until pH and total alkalinity are in the range of 7.2?7.8 and 80?140 ppm, respectively.