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SeaKlear Metal Stain Control 1qt
SeaKlear Metal Stain Control 1qt
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SeaKlear˝ Metal Stain Control? prevents metals from staining surfaces.

  • Effectively sequesters metal contaminants
  • Metal sequestrant
  • Helps prevent metal and mineral stains in new pools
  • Controls scale formation
  • Stronger formula than the leading competitor
  • Made in the USA

To remove existing stains use SeaKlear Stain Prevention & Remover?Professional Strength?. For a phosphate-free solution and for salt pools, use SeaKlear Natural Stain Remover? and SeaKlear Metal Klear?. Product Dosage

For Initial Pool Filling: Adjust the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6. For best results, use SeaKlear Metal Stain Control in the evening, with the pool pump and filter operating overnight. Add 1 qt. (32 oz.) per 10,000 gal. of pool water.Dilute in a pail of water and add to the deep end. Cloudiness may develop with the appearance of white flakes. This is normal, indicating SeaKlear Metal Stain Control is working, and cloudiness will eventually disappear.

  • Maintenance Application: Add 6 to 8 oz. SeaKlear Metal Stain Control per 10,000 gal. of pool water weekly.