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SeaKlear Chlorine Spa Kit
SeaKlear Chlorine Spa Kit
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SeaKlear« Spa Chlorine Spa KitÖ and SeaKlear Spa Bromine Spa KitÖ contain everything needed to open and maintain a new spa or hot tub.

  • A simple and easy system for spa and hot tub water maintenance
  • Made in the United States


  • SeaKlear Spa Natural ClarifierÖ, 16 oz.
  • SeaKlear Spa Balanced Shock OxidizerÖ, 8 oz.
  • SeaKlear Spa pH IncreaserÖ, 8 oz.
  • SeaKlear Spa pH ReducerÖ, 8 oz.
  • SeaKlear Spa Self-Floccing DefoamerÖ, 8 oz.
  • SeaKlear Spa Stain & Scale ControlÖ, 8 oz.
  • SeaKlear Spa System Flush, 8 oz.
  • Chlorine kits include SeaKlear« Spa-Sanitizing GranulesÖ, 8 oz.
  • Test strips
  • Start-up & maintenance instructions
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