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Salt Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators are a great alternative sanitizer for your new or existing swimming pool or spa. Salt Chlorinators use a small amount of natural salt (Sodium Chloride) to produce a natural chlorine gas called HOCl. This is done by passing your pool water with the dissolved salt in it through a electronated cell. The cell charges the Sodium Chloride splitting the Chloride from the Sodium, which chlorinates your pool. The Sodium and Chloride reunite in the pool, allowing this process to happen over and over again, providing a much safer, easier, and better way to sanitize your pool.

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Salt Chlorinator FAQS

Salt Chlorinators are a great alternative to liquid chlorine, tablets, sticks, and other forms of processed chlorine. They constantly produce a natural chlorine that is safer for your body and easier to maintain.

Most pools use Tri-Chlor Tablets and Liquid Chlorine to sanitize their pool. Although they work as a great sanitizer, they do have some unfortunate down-sides. Because they are man made chemicals they tend to be harsher on your skin and eyes than natural chlorine is. They also have a tendency, when spilled, to ruin your new pair of jeans, or the trunk of your brand new car.

Will the water taste salty?

No! Most salt chlorinators run at average of 3000ppm salt level. You can compare that to the ocean which is at least 10 times that amount. If your concerned about tasting the salt in your water, mix 1 teaspoon of salt into a gallon of water. This is equivalent to the salt level in a salt pool.

What type of salt is used and how do I add it?

We recommend salt that is specifically made for salt pools, contact your local pool store to find out which brands they have in stock. Most pools on start up add between 200-500 lbs of salt, depending on how many gallons of water are in the pool. If using pool salt, the salt can be poured right into your pool as it is running. We do however recommend that you brush your pool after wards to mix up any clumps that might have been in the bag.