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Natural Chemistry Spray-on Cover Cleaner 32oz
Natural Chemistry Spray-on Cover Cleaner 32oz
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Save Time and Excessive Scrubbing

Spray-On Cleaner is a unique blend of natural enzymes and citrus based degreasers for effective cleaning of outdoor living areas and equipment. The hose sprayer speeds up application and it does not contain dyes or artificial coloring. The uses are endless!

  • Decks and siding
  • Patio furniture and recreational equipment
  • Patio screens, tents and umbrellas
  • Pool and spa covers

How to Apply:

General directions for sprayer use:

1. Attach Spray-On Cleaner bottle to garden hose

2. Remove white plastic safety tab from hose-end sprayer

3. Turn water source on and then turn blue main water source valve to ?n?position (top of sprayer)

4. Spray solution onto surface to be cleaned- allow to soak for several minutes

5. Lightly brush heavily soiled areas if necessary

6. Turn red solution valve back to ?lose?position and rinse

Directions for use on pool covers:

1. Remove any loose debris from cover

2. Follow above Spray Use directions, step 1 through step 6

3. Turn red solution valve back to ?lose?position and rinse cover

4. Store cover as recommended by manufacturer


Use Natural Chemistry? Pool Magic+PHOSfree in your pool to help maintain a clean cover throughout the off season and prolong the life of your cover

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful, easy to use, spray-on applicator
  • Less scrubbing and work
  • pH neutral formula approved for all types of covers- safe and non-toxic
  • Cleans all types of pool covers (automatic, solid, solar, even mesh)
  • Works great on decks, patio furniture, patio screens, etc