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Natural Chemistry Spa Stain and Scale 1L
Natural Chemistry Spa Stain and Scale 1L
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Removes Harmful Minerals

Spa Stain and Scale prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up by deactivating iron, calcium and other minerals. It is specifically formulated for spa water.

  • Removes metals & harmful minerals
  • Highly concentrated, phosphate-free formula
  • Prolongs life of fittings & moving parts like jets
  • Will not affect water chemistry
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and spa surfaces


Initial Treatment

8oz (240mL) per 200 gallons (760mL)

Weekly Maintenance

1oz (30mL) per 400 gallons (1,500L)

How to Apply:

Initial Treatment for Fresh Fill:

1. Add 8oz (240mL) per 200 gallons (760L) directly to spa water

Weekly Maintenance:

1. Add 1oz (30mL) per 400 gallons (1,500L) directly to spa water

** If water hardness level is above 500ppm, double the recommended dose

Features & Benefits:

  • Prevents calcium and mineral scale build up
  • Controls staining
  • Phosphate and acid free formula
  • Compatible with all spa surfaces and sanitizer systems
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