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Natural Chemistry Purge 2L
Natural Chemistry Purge 2L
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Cleans Where You Can't!

Purge attacks the root cause of many pool and spa maintenance problems. This product cleans plumbing and aids in the fight against organic waste buildup and contamination. It is safe and easy to use!

  • Removes unwanted organic buildup
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with other pool products


One bottle split evenly per 2 skimmers

How to Apply:

1. With circulation pump running, add entire contents of 2L Purge to skimmers - one bottle split evenly per 2 skimmers

2. Circulate for 24 hours

3. Backwash or clean filter

4. Shock the pool to boost sanitizer levels

5. Proceed with regular pool water maintenance


Use Natural Chemistry? Clear Clarifier to help remove any non-biodegradable particles that may come from piping

Water may appear ?azy/dull?for 48 hours- once the pool is shocked the water will clear up

Features & Benefits:

  • Purge attacks the root cause of most pool maintenance problems... the build up of organic waste contamination
  • Purge cleans where you cannot!
  • Cleans plumbing to original condition