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Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect 2L
Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect 2L
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Soft, Silky Water

Pool Perfect contains all natural enzymes that break down organics to reduce pool maintenance by preventing scum lines, organic staining and surface oils. Make your water feel soft and silky.

  • Soft, silky water
  • Prevents scum lines
  • Reduces skin & eye irritation and strong chemical odors
  • Continually cleans pool filters to prolong filter cycles
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces
  • Natural product, will not harm the environment


1 capful (4oz/120mL) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L)

How to Apply:

1. Broadcast required amount around pool perimeter once a week


Do not add Pool Perfect until chlorine is under 5ppm

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates waterline ring, clogged filters, chemical odors and eye irritation
  • Just add to water- no scrubbing
  • Saves time and money on filter repairs and maintenance