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Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid 2L
Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid 2L
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911 for Pool Problems

Pool First Aid combines powerful concentrated natural enzymes with a fast acting polymer clarifier for quick and easy pool clean-up. It is great for use after a pool party or having a lot of swimmers in the pool to restore clean, clear water.

  • Dead algae
  • Pollen
  • Oil leaks & hydraulic spills
  • Antifreeze residue
  • Clean up after heavy pool use


  • One bottle treats 33,800 gallons (128,000L)
  • 2oz/60ml per 1,000 gallons (3800L)
  • One capful treats 2,000 gallons (7,500L)

How to Apply:

1. Broadcast Pool First Aid around the surface of the pool

2. Can be used every two days until the pool is crystal clear


Do NOT add Pool First Aid for up to 2 hours after shocking (or until chlorine level is under 5ppm)

Water temperature must be 70 degrees for optimal results

Features & Benefits:

Cleans water of dead algae, pollen, oil/fuel leaks, antifreeze residue, paint, vandalism and other forms of organic water contaminations

Cleans clogged filters of oils and other forms of organic build-up

Pool First Aid is a powerful pool problem slover that works very fast- typically overnight without scrubbing!