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Jandy Large 180 Check Valve 2.5''-3''
Jandy Large 180 Check Valve 2.5''-3''
Part #: 7307

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The Large Jandy Check Valve is designed with a clear lid and a red seal plate for easy inspection and has a unique swing/spring design. It is made of the toughest CPVC material and easily disassembles for clearing debris. The new Large Jandy Check Valve is 2.5" by 3" making it the largest valve of its kind on the market. The large 3 inch dimension is designed to easily connect with Jandys 3HP Stealth pump, while the 2 inch dimension allows for easy plumbing at the equipment pad to other Jandy universal union connections. The Large Jandy Check Valve can handle flow rates up to 170 gallons per minute with minimal head loss, making it great for spas and water features that require high flow rates.

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