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Hayward Aqua Plus Salt Chlorination System 8 relays, 4 valve outputs, 2 heater, 1 solar
Hayward Aqua Plus Salt Chlorination System 8 relays, 4 valve outputs, 2 heater, 1 solar
Part #: PL-PLUS-16V

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Aqua Plus simplifies and enhances pool and spa ownership by combining control and electronic chlorination into one easy-to-install, easy-to-operate package.

With Aqua Plus, programming essential functions for maximum performance, effectiveness and cost-efficiency is a snap. It lets pool owners set filtration and temperature schedules: steady all week, increasing during busy weekends, or cutting back on weekdays when activity is limited. They can even control other backyard features, including outdoor lighting, water features and sprinklers. And with a variety of optional remote controllers, they can program and manage it all from practically anywhere: indoors, poolside or ? with Aqua Pod™ ? even in the water.

Now with Aqua Plus, pool owners can automate water chemistry with our integrated Total Pool Chemistry® option. Total Pool Chemistry automatically senses chlorine and pH levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine and controls pH delivering the most consistent water quality possible.

Applications and Features

  • Any Pool or Spa System
  • Chlorinator Sanitizes Pools up to 40,000 Gallons
  • Controls up to 4 relays, 3 valve actuators, 1 solar and 1 conventional heater
  • Automatically sanitizes pools and spas
  • Chemistry Automation ? automatically sense chlorine and pH, dispense chlorine and controls pH
  • Variable speed pump control
  • Super Chlorinate function
  • Displays time, day, pool and spa temperature and ambient air
  • Built-in 100A subpanel
  • Built-in keypad for complete operation and programming
  • Fully programmable automatic control of every output
  • Easy to use buttons for manual control