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Go Kits & Seals

Aladdin's Pump Repair Kits are the easy and convenient way to service and repair your pump. Taking the guess work out of indentifying and selcting parts needed to service your particular pump. They have made your job a lot easier, by combining the motor seal, gaskets, and o-rings required for your pump.

Products (Total Items: 21)
GO-KIT-1 Hayward Max-Flo Series 1800-2800 GO-KIT-1 $26.24
GO-KIT-12 Hayward Power-Flo 1500 Series GO-KIT-12 $31.49
GO-KIT-13 Hayward Power-Flo 1700 Series GO-KIT-13 $26.24
GO-KIT-2 Hayward Super II Pump Series 3000-3000X GO-KIT-2 $34.99
GO-KIT-3 Hayward Super Pump Series 1600, 2600, 2600X GO-KIT-3 $20.99
GO-KIT-14 Jacuzzi Magnum GO-KIT-14 $31.49
GO-KIT-5 Pentair Pac Fab Challenger GO-KIT-5 $15.99
GO-KIT-22 Pentair Pac Fab HydroPump GO-KIT-22 $20.99
GO-KIT-24 Pentair Pac Fab Pinnacle GO-KIT-24 $28.34
GO-KIT-32 Pentair WhisperFlo GO-KIT-32 $17.98
GO-KIT-71 Polaris Booster Pump GO-KIT-71 $24.14
PS-100 PS-100 Pump Motor Seal $9.99
PS-1000 PS-1000 Pump Motor Seal $9.99
PS-201 PS-201 Pump Motor Seal $9.99
PS-2131 PS-2131 Pump Motor Seal $20.99
PS-360 PS-360 Pump Motor Seal $20.99
PS-501 PS-501 Pump Motor Seal $20.99
PS-601 PS-601 Pump Motor Seal $20.99
GO-KIT-6 Sta-Rite P2RA & P2R DuraGlas/MaxiGlas GO-KIT-6 $14.99
GO-KIT-38 Sta-Rite P4E & P4EA Series Maxi-Glas II & Dura Glas II GO-KIT-38 $28.34
GO-KIT-25 Sta-Rite PE & PEA Series P2R & P2DRA/AJ Series GO-KIT-25 $29.39