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Blue Wave Spring Start Up Kit 30K
Blue Wave Spring Start Up Kit 30K
Part #: NY980

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Blue Wave's spring start-up kits contain everthing you need to open your pool this spring. We've pre-formulated and pre-measured each kit to fit your pool size. All you have to do is pour each product into the pool as instructed. Plus, unlike other kits, Blue Wave "packs a punch" with super-strong BURST (dichlor) shock. After the winter months it is important to rid your pool of the dangerous bacteria and contaminants that have built up - BURST will do the job! Each kit comes complete with pool opening instructions. Remember liquids in each kit have been concentrated for a single dosage in your pool size.

30,000 Gallon Kit Includes

  • 1 pint Blue Wave Halt 50 Algaecide
  • 1 quart Blue Wave Shimmer Clarifier
  • 1 quart Blue Wave Super Rust & Scale
  • 3 lb. Blue Wave Burst Shock