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Baracuda Leaf Catcher
Baracuda Leaf Catcher
Part #: W26705

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These canister's also fit the twist lock hoses for the MX8, T5 Duo, and the X7 Quattro.

Collects debris before it reaches the pump.

The LEAF CATCHER is an in-line filter suitable for most suction pool cleaners that collects debris before if reaches the pump basket to prevent clogging.

Leaf Catcher has a greater capacity for leaves and debris than the average pump basket.

Manufactured from clear UV-resistant materials so you can see when the Leaf Catcher needs emptying.

Easy to clean because only the canister and basket needs to be handled.

The unique design of the Leaf Catcher uses the cleaner's own water flow to create a vacuum within the trap, compacting and holding more leaves and debris, so there's less emptying.

Convenient handle for easier cleaning and emptying.

With the unique T-trap Connection, all vacuum hoses remain connected, while the Leaf Catcher is removed for quick and easy cleaning. Includes a built-in drain plug to empty water, for easier canister handling.

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